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Earnings Season Themes | Dynamic Opportunities
‘Change and renewal are themes in life, aren’t they? We keep growing throughout life’ – Susan Minot Another global quarterly
Cable Rewired | Mrs May’s Defeat | Market Signals
Mrs May’s Defeat As Mrs May licks her wounds after last night’s humiliating defeat what matters now is how hard
Bear markets and recessions | Market Signals
Bear Markets and Recessions We all know the old joke that the stock market predicts 3 out of every 2
2019 financial news
Rotten Apples & All | Dynamic Opportunities
Rotten Apples and All ‘Friedrich von Schiller kept rotten apples in his desk.  He claimed that he needed the scent
2018 into 2019
2018 into 2019 | Economic Insights
2018 Into 2019 Politicians seem increasingly to be pursuing policies that are economically harmful and/or socially divisive.  Dictatorships by definition
That Was The Year That Was
That Was The Year That Was ‘My life is better with every year of living it’ – Rachel Maddow With
no deal blog financial news, investments financial market
Market Says No “No Deal” | Market Signals
Market Says NO! “No Deal” The venerable Ken Clark, Father of the House, spoke for many inside and outside the
Politics And The-Market | Going North | Market Signals
Politics and the market | Going North Centrica plc Shares in the utility company Centrica (CNA) – most famous for
May Paddles Her Own Canoe | Market Signals
Brexit Markets: at low tide Figure 1 should prove handy to Jeremy Corbyn who has confessed to not having read
Only One Thing To Do With Uncertainty | Dynamic Opportunities
Only one thing to do with uncertainty: embrace it   ‘Knowledge is an unending adventure at the edge of uncertainty’